1. Last few days to enroll for Delhi / Kolkata / Prayagraj workshop for Alternative therapies courses.     2. All the UGC courses are hold until next official notice.     

We are pleased to introduce our self as a leading institute of natural and alternative medicine therapies that conducts various courses by following methods:
(I) Correspondence :- 1. Postal, 2. Online(Software)
(II) Regular :- 1.Class at Center , 2. Camp Class , 3. Online Class , 4. Sunday to Sunday Class
Course Code Course Name Image Correspondance Fee
Online / Postal
Regular Class Fees
Camp/Online/Local Center
Course Detail 
Course Form 
$ $
D.Ma.T. Diploma in Medicinal Massage Therapy (D.Ma.T.) 100 4500 180 7500
M.D.Ma.T. Master Diploma in Medicinal Massage Therapy (M.D.Ma.T) 150 6500 300 11500

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