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 NAME OF COURSE : Bachelor of Science in Community Health
 DURATION :  3 Years
 FEES : First Year - Rs.10000 Second Year - Rs.10000 Third Year - Rs.10000
 EXAMINATION FEE Rs. 1500 per Semester/Year
 HOSTEL FEE Rs. 40000 Non AC Facility/Year
 HOSTEL FEE Rs. 60000 for AC Facility/Year
 Re-EXAMINATION FEE Rs. 250 per Paper/Subject


First year
The course intends to provide basic input to the students so that they have prior knowledge and be equipped in skills to guide them before they opt for the main disciplines. The students will acquire knowledge and skills in Basic Sciences like Human Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology. Pharmacology will provide the student an idea about the different drugs. Basic Patient care will help the student to develop hands on skills on how to handle patients.
Second year Students are provided with knowledge & skills on pharmacology, Obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, medicine & surgery, community medicine & medical ethics.
Students will acquire skills on
• Basic patient care.
• Immunization.
• Administration of medication.
• Phlebotomy & infusion.
• Assisting in normal deliveries.
• Application of ethical, legal practices in their profession.
Third year Students are provided with knowledge & skills on mental health, health education & communication, clinical emergencies, health planning & management, basic research methods & quality in health system.
Students will acquire skills on
• Wound dressing.
• Identifying health problems.
• Giving health education to the communities
• Quality control in health care.


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