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 NAME OF COURSE : Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Disease
 DURATION :  1 Year
 FEES : First-Year - Rs.100000
 EXAMINATION FEE Rs. 1500 per Semester/Year
 HOSTEL FEE Rs. 40000 Non AC Facility/Year
 HOSTEL FEE Rs. 60000 for AC Facility/Year
 Re-EXAMINATION FEE Rs. 250 per Paper/Subject


Basic Sciences
Anatomy and Histology of the Respiratory System
a. Development and Anatomy of the Respiratory System
b. Applied embryology of lungs, mediastinum and diaphragm
c. Developmental anomalies
Physiology and Biochemistry
a. Assessment of pulmonary functions
b. Control of ventilation; pulmonary mechanics
c. Ventilation, pulmonary blood flow, gas exchange and transport
d. Non-respiratory metabolic functions of the lung
e. Principles of electrocardiography
f. Inhalation kinetics and its implication in aerosol therapy, and sputum induction etc.
g. Acid-base and electrolyte balance
h. Physiology of sleep and its disorders
i. Pulmonary innervations and reflexes
j. Pulmonary defence mechanisms
k. Principles of exercise physiology and testing
l. Physiological changes in pregnancy, high altitude, aging
m. Physiological basis of pulmonary symptoms
n. Principles of genetic basis of common respiratory diseases
a. Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacteria
b. Bacteria causing pulmonary diseases
c. Atypical organisms and respiratory tract infections
d. Anaerobes in pleuro-pulmonary infections
e. Laboratory diagnosis of non-tubercular infections of respiratory tract
f. Laboratory diagnosis of TB including staining, culture and drug sensitivity testing
g. Virulence and pathogenicity of mycobacteria
h. Respiratory viruses: Viral diseases of the respiratory system and diagnostic methods, including newer viruses and their management
i. Respiratory fungi
j. Classification of fungal diseases of lung; candidiasis, Actinomycosis, Nocardiosis, Aspergillosis, Blastomycosisetc.
k. Laboratory diagnostic procedures in pulmonary mycosis
l. Opportunistic infections in immuno-compromised individuals
m. HlV and AIDS: virological aspects, immuno-pathogenesis, diagnosis
n. Parasitic lung diseases
a. Acute and chronic inflammation: Pathogen etic mechanisms in pulmonary diseases
b. Pathology aspects of Tuberculosis
c. Pathology aspects of Pheumonias and bronchopulmonary suppuration
d. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema, asthma, other airway diseases
e. Interstitial lung diseases including sarcoidosis, connective tissue diseases, pulmonary vasculitis syndromes, pulmonaryeosinophilias
f. Tumors of the lung, mediastinum and pleura
a. Epidemiological terms and their definitions
b. Epidemiology of tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis, asthma, lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other pulmonary diseases
c. In-depth knowledge of the activities of National Tuberculosis Programs
Allergy and immunology
a. Various mechanisms of hypersensitivity reactions seen in pulmonary diseases
b. Diagnostic tests in allergic diseases of lung - in vitro and in vivo tests, bronchial provocation test
c. Immunology of tuberculosis, Sarcoidosis and other diseases with an immunological basis of pathogenesis
a. Pharmacology of anti-microbial drugs
b. Pharmacology of anti-tubercular drugs
c. Pharmacology of antineoplastic and immunosuppressant drugs
d. Pharmacology of anti-inflammatory drugs used in pulmonary diseases
e. Drugs used in viral, fungal and parasitic infections
f. Pharmacokinetics and drugs interaction of commonly used drugs in pulmonary diseases
g. Drugs used in medical emergencies
Clinical Respiratory Medicine
Clinical respiratory medicine covers the entire range of pulmonary diseases. All aspects of pulmonary diseases including epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, pathology, clinical features, investigations, differential diagnosis and management are to be covered.

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